Monday, November 14, 2005

SQL Reporting Services: Impression after two weeks


1. Report wizard comes back with weird errors when a query is not right. When you run it in query analyzer the actuall issue gets reported and is easy to correct.
2. Can not use a stored proc that has multiple result sets.
3. The report wizard will not work in some scenarios when using a temp table or a table variable.
4. MSDN documentation = the suck
5. The designer in visual studio does not remember the parameters entered when switching between layout and preview mode
6. I can not find a place to change my rules to metric.
7. Does not seem to be any way to pass a dataset to it or an XML file. I really liked this feature in crystal especially when the reporting layer does not have permssions / access to the physical database
8. Data designer does not like it when objects have different owners. i.e. (I am calling dbo.sp_report which internally joins to a view not owned by dbo... might work if I prefix the view with the owner though)
9. Expressions are VB based which is case insensitive but field names ARE case sensitive!
hence the expression below do not evaluate the same.
iif(Fields!Transaction_Type_code.Value = "BRM", Fields!amount.Value, "")
iif(Fields!Transaction_type_code.Value = "BRM", Fields!amount.Value, "")

1. Easy to use
2. .NET formatting support
3. Easy to export reports
4. Easy to design simple reports
5. Integrated designer is awsome as I don't have to publish to preview or reset any databindings
6. Many methods to use the system (url, soap, etc.)

EDIT: Ok you can connect datasets to the report but seems a little involved


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