Wednesday, February 22, 2006

XSTL / XML and the information bar

I am trying out XSLT w/ XML for a project I am doing. Basically the website has a page for each staff memeber with a bio, phone, website, email, photo, etc. The client does not want to pay for a database solution which I would normally do so I decided to try XSLT (If you have no idea what XSLT is you should check out the quick tutorial at Well found a few snags but the one that bugs me the most is the information bar in internet explorer that says it "blocked content that may harm my computer". After some playing and diggiing I found that because it is on my local computer that it is running in the local security zone where it can do damage. If I upload the page I get no warnings because IE puts it into the "Internet Zone" where the active content is blocked by default. To fix this you can place a Mark Of The Web (MOTW) into the xml and xslt document to force a local document to run in the Internet Zone.

Here is a sample:
my xsl file:


my xml file:


The comment that says "saved from url" is the MOTW. the first part is the string length of the url (26) and the second part is the url of the file.

As far as I can tell I can put any url in there even if that is not where the file is actually hosted.


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