Friday, April 28, 2006

TDD Last night

Normally I don't post about life stuff but this is code related. Last night I went to the first edmonton .NET user group meeting and had a great time. Jean-Paul Boodhoo was the presenter and did a great talk about test driven development amongst other things.

I have read about TDD and all sorts of patterns books but found them hard to know when to apply them in the real world. JP's presentation was a begging to middle (we ran out of time unfortunately) coding sesssion using TDD to build an application. The cool thing was that we built the application from the presentation tier down pretending that other teams were doing the data / domain / service layer work.

Here were some of the cool things covered:
Rhino Mock - A cool framework to build mock objects
Resharper - A great time saver when doing TDD
Interface driven development - I have to admit that this presentation made this concept so crystal clear I might make a full post about it.
Model View Presenter - This changed my life. Check JP's blog for his videos on this.

I see know what TDD is and how powerfull it is for keeping your code clean and simple (if you have not heard it before TDD is not a testing model, it is a design model).

My only complaint about the presentation is that it was not long enough. The presentation was 2 hours but I would have loved to see the project be finished. But beer, food, and hockey were calling! :)

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Edmonton .NET user group -


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